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‘On The Sunday, She Created God’ by Gerii Pleitez

Wren is a young woman with her dead brother’s name, the daughter of a Central American revolution she never fought, a struggling writer kicking against the suits, searching for meaning amongst the rats, one-night stands and hangovers of Sydney’s notorious artist warehouse - Hibernian.

Wren and her best friend and fellow outcast Babel have decided to flee the city. Wren wants to touch snow for the first time and forget her broken heart & empty womb. But a drug fueled NYE run-in with a mutual old flame Teddy, steers their roadtrip towards a bleak reality. Three intertwined runaways hurtling down the highway towards love, loss and tragedy.

On The Sunday, She Created God is a transgressive coming of age story that is both brutal and beautiful. A punk, postfeminist, punch in the face. Gerii Pleitez’s visceral poetic imagary strikes at the heart of what it is to be young, to desire and to want purpose in a world which is often without.

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